Monday, 10 November 2014


Christmas|Gift Ideas

If you hate listening about christmas until December maybe this post isn't for you, however if you are a big kid like myself then carry on reading. 
Ok I no it is only the beginning of November but this year I am trying to be organised in getting my gifts. 

I have been browsing the internet online for little gifts for my friends and came across some lovely things. Everyone loves yankee candle, right! Well i found the most cute little yankee candle set which features five of there best sold christmas miniature candles. As soon as I received it I was impressed you can really smell the candles even though they are inclosed in packaging. I bought mine from
I also found a cute little set which rings philosophy but for a fraction of the price. The brand is called beauticology and you get a lip butter and bath bits all inclosed in a little plastic bath. It is the cutest little thing. 
Last of all is a little purchase for myself, at 24 I still get a stocking!! I was flicking through the Next directory and found this little stocking in the children's section. It screams utter girly and glitz! I had to buy it, who doesn't want a pink sequinned stocking.

Just thought I would share a few things I have found lately



  1. Love these ideas. Great post. Can't wait for holidays.


  2. Oh love Yankee stuff just bought my mam a pack of 12 out of ASDA living . Great post xox

  3. Indeed a great idea and i see many people get crazy about Chrismas , it is time for crazy shopping , we should i mean after one years studying hard or working hard we need to reward ourselves. I am going to buy some

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  4. cool ideas dear, love your blog , very interesting
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  5. Great post!Love your blog,it's very pretty!
    xoxo antonella