Monday, 10 November 2014


Christmas|Gift Ideas

If you hate listening about christmas until December maybe this post isn't for you, however if you are a big kid like myself then carry on reading. 
Ok I no it is only the beginning of November but this year I am trying to be organised in getting my gifts. 

I have been browsing the internet online for little gifts for my friends and came across some lovely things. Everyone loves yankee candle, right! Well i found the most cute little yankee candle set which features five of there best sold christmas miniature candles. As soon as I received it I was impressed you can really smell the candles even though they are inclosed in packaging. I bought mine from
I also found a cute little set which rings philosophy but for a fraction of the price. The brand is called beauticology and you get a lip butter and bath bits all inclosed in a little plastic bath. It is the cutest little thing. 
Last of all is a little purchase for myself, at 24 I still get a stocking!! I was flicking through the Next directory and found this little stocking in the children's section. It screams utter girly and glitz! I had to buy it, who doesn't want a pink sequinned stocking.

Just thought I would share a few things I have found lately



Autumn Makeup|Revlon Cherries in the Snow

This is a face of the day inspired from my last post where I mentioned my favourite lipsticks. Due to it being remembrance weekend I decided to sport the red toned lip. I am not one for brights but i can safely say this is the best bright lipstick I have ever tried. As the weather in the UK is pretty drab and cold I think a bright lip is a great option to wear. I used goldish tones on my eyes and opted for a frost bitten cheek using my Benefit Watts Up highlighter, blended in with a sleek blush. I like this combination and think it suits my pale complexion. Sometimes I am often unsure about using red tones on my lips as someone once said it looked AWFUL on me. However this lipstick has the hint of pink tone which is understandable as the name is "Cherries" in the snow . 

The lipstick is very luxurious to apply and went on my lips very easily without the need of a lipliner, which I was very impressed with. A firm favourite in my opinion. 
What are your favourite bright lipsticks for Autumn/Winter?, I would Love to know!

Here is me sporting cherries in the snow, 


Sunday, 9 November 2014


Sunday Swatchday| Top 5 Lipsticks High end and Drugstore

I wanted to share with you my top five lipsticks. On a general basis I tend to go for more drugstore, I guess this is to do with the fact I don't have the money to splash out on a £14 Mac lipstick. Maybe when I am earning a bit more I will go back to high end but for now I am a drugstore fan. 
 Here are my top picks and one sneaky high end.  I love lipsticks and as you can tell I am an avid lover of a nude, I love pairing all these nudes with barry m lipgloss in Toffee. I am sure everyone has this lipgloss it is gorgeous.

I am a big fan of the new L'oreal Color riche lipsticks, I have two which are Evas nude and Cheryls nude. Both are beautiful and smell very much like mac lipsticks and have a high quality finish to them. I decided this Autumn/Winter to go for a more stronger colour so last week I picked up Cherries in the Snow by Rimmel and I have fallen in Love with it. It is beautiful to apply and has that pinky/red colour so it isn't as strong as a true red. I have chosen to put my old love in here which is YSL's Rouge Volupte  in number 1.  This cost me £20 which  is the most I have EVER paid for a lipstick!!!

I have also popped in  another lipstick by Rimmel which is called Nude Attitude. I like this lipstick to mute down brighter lipsticks or paired with Barry m's Toffee lipgloss. The finish of this lipstick is very drying so I like to use a lip balm and lipgloss with it.

I would love to know some suggestions on any good nude's or any brights that may suit a more pale complexion?
I apologise for the poor quality photos, I am using my phone as I don't have a camera yet. If anyone has any suggestions on good cameras (that are less than the £300 mark) for blogging it would be very much appreciated.

Much love



"Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can make people happy or take away their happiness."Zoella"

This post is going to be my own outlook on the beauty community, where it began and where it is now. I have been enjoying social content since 2009 when 
I stumbled across Elle and Blair.
I was amazed that there were girls on the internet sharing there own 
thoughts on all things that I loved, 
fashion hair and beauty. I was able to use there advice to 
learn different makeup
 looks and see what the latest fashion trends were. 
 I was hooked, 
I would be reading blogs and watching videos for hours. 

The "UK beauty gurus" at the time were
not the same as who are best known nowadays. I was watching youtube 
videos and reading blogs
by Gemma, Kelly, Sophie, Laura and  Zoe. Zoe then was just writing her blog 
she has always been amazing and  talented and I would like to take 
this moment to thank her. 
She has given me so much advice and instead of buying magazines 
I would instead read her blog. But I do believe the other "UK beauty gurus" 
who  started at that time need way more recognition. 
They started when it was  a small community 
full of people sharing the same love and enjoyment.
I want this back again.
But I guess things always have to grow and evolve. 

So thank you

I decided upon writing this post after reading 
recent post last night. I was really saddened 
by some peoples negativity. Once everyone shared the same 
love and embraced everyone.
We always longed for the next post  and there was NO negativity. 
Whether you have 1 subscriber/viewer 
or 10 million it shouldn't matter because you subscribed for the mere reason 
you enjoyed reading/watching there content. Content shouldn't be more in 
depth just because a person has more viewers. 
You subscribed because you enjoyed what they do, 
you shouldn't pick a person apart. I don't understand how 
this has changed so much and where all this negativity has come from. 
We need to unite and remember how this started, 
because we all had a joint love for the same thing. 

embrace the love

Natasha xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Im Back..

So here it goes my first ever post in years!!!. I have been reading blogs for a very long time and thought it was my time to jump onto the bandwagon and start writing down my thoughts and love for all things girly, fashion and beauty. I have been reading such beautiful blogs since about 2009 so here it goes I'm letting you into a tiny part of my life and I hope you will join me along this blogging journey. I have just finished university, I went to Manchester and I miss it so much but since it is ever so difficult finding a job I am now back in the country not doing much,hence starting this blog.

So what will you find here:

I love fashion and all things beauty, I will share my love for different makeup products, makeup looks and new fashion pieces that I have spotted on the high street.

My main reason for starting this blog is to gain a little bit of happiness back in my life. Not being in the job I thought I would and should be in gets you down so joining the blogging community seems the perfect opportunity to gain a little bit of happiness back in my life and maybe a few friends along the way. 

A few pictures of graduation, how I miss the summer....